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About Spiffy Arts

Spiffy Arts was founded in 2013 as a "Best Friends make a game" project. Pretty fast we decided to do this as a Job because Gaming and Program Development were always big parts of our lives.


So here we are! An Indie Studio which just wants to bring some cool and unique entertainment in the Mobile-App world.


We hope you like our App's as much as we do.


About the Team

Tobias Becker

CEO & Co-Founder




Tobias talks very... very much, but sometimes between all these conversations accrued the best ideas which we got yet, what is definitely a result of playing video games over 10 years since now.


He thinks about multiple projects at the same time and likes to writing down a lot of lists... when he's not talking.

Jan Lindhorst

CCO & Co-Founder




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Yeah... that's actually me, so it would be a bit strange if I describe myself here.


In general I am the Graphics-Guy... but I'm also doing a bit Webdesign/ Webmaster stuff and manage our Social Media profiles. Tobias and I were also working out the marketing plans for the Projects.

Tobias Greißner

CTO & Co-Founder




A pretty crazy guy who often sleeps till afternoon and works the whole night. He loves to play Guitar and great Games. Tobias is one of our best software developer and an important Member of Spiffy Arts and our Projects.